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All About Me

wall11.How old are you: 26
2. Your phone has most pictures of: different photos
3. Your password related to someone: uhmmm, not really!
4. Gifts you received recently: sylvanas.. must try!
5. The last time you cried: I cry easily.. I think it was last week when we saw a movie(may bata kasi dun sa story)..
6. The last person slept with/beside you: I always sleep with my baby(holding hands while sleeping kami palagi)..
8. What is your definition of tragedy: when a person had his own downfall
9. Kissed with same sex: never.. ;)
10. smoke: nop but i tried, once.
11. Alcohol: if redwine counts then yes..
12. Your thoughts right now: what to wear for tomorrow’s event
13. Lover be rich or beautiful: both! So there’ll be no sad endings. Everybody happy!
14. Bath with the opposite sex: yep! With my hubby, twice and hoping for more.. ;)
15. Loving or Having a crush on someone: both dude! Loving my family and having a crush on Tom Cruise
16.Missing anyone: Yep..
17. Loyal with your loved one: I really am though I was cheated on before.
18. Played with others' feelings: yep! I never loved the guy but our relationship lasted for 3 months. How it ended? I changed my number
19. Weirdest gift you received: none so far
20. Wanting to get back with someone: nop! I don’t recycle
21. Fight and argue with anyone: my husband, most of the time. Put the blame on me.
23. Is anyone flirting with you: my husband!!! His flirting style is effective.
24. Use your first salary for: the apartment rent
25. Drunk too much: never
26. Swear with skill: Expert level when Im pissed. My mouth tends to get away with me when I'm pretty pissed off..
27. Anyone knows your password: before, but I made a few changes
28. Someone who you talks with you on phone lately: my husband and my mom.. too lazy to talk to other people!
29. Are you embarrassed to let others see this: Nope (-.-)?
30. Do you want to talk to anyone now: im not in the mood.. am sleepy right now.. [-.-]

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